Electricians/Contractors; What Is The Difference

Previously, there may have been some confusion on the side of consumers, particularly domestic, and even to a degree, commercial, in the definition. What is an electrician? And what is an electrical contractor? Do electricians contractors in Morristown TN have any differences amongst them? And are there any similarities between the two? Perhaps the last question posed is the easiest to answer. Of course there are.

There must be. So for the purposes of clarity then, do note that a single-operating electrician can of course be an electrical contractor. He, like electrical contracting companies of large scale and size, taking on larger volumes of business as well, is registered up as a licensed trader. He runs his own company and like an unlicensed trader, but still a fully-qualified electrician, he could just as easily be working from home.

But then again, such a practitioner must surely be subject to set municipal bylaws in terms of industrial and manufacturing processes being carried out from home. You usually find that it is the lower income residential groups that get away with being under-regulated. This, of course, poses numerous sociological and ecological challenges for the authorities as well as concerned residents. Nevertheless, the single-minded electrician’s work could be defined as being a clean business.

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Given the tools and techniques he uses; his work environment should be relatively devoid of noise. There are, of course, exceptions, but generally speaking, most of the electrician’s work will be conducted off-base. It is business as usual to be working on site, at the customers’ premises. Electrical contracting companies will no doubt be more commercially-oriented, having the capacity to deal with large roll-outs and electrical upgrades.

So what then is the difference really, between an electrician and an electrical contracting company.